Swiss Couple, Mylene & Laurent Yersin at the Suricate Town Lodge have created a space that is peaceful and pleasant for any guest. The setting is fully inspired by African styles with warm colours of the Kalahari. 

With our knowledge of the country, we can make your stay in Windhoek and Namibia a heartfelt and memorable experience. We can also organise and provide you with all facilities for your activities. 

Our philosophy is to promote responsible tourism for the wonderful and fragile nature in Namibia for all cultures. 

The entire supply of hot water for the Suricate Town Lodge is provided by solar panels. The same system is used for the heating system of the pool. It is very important to us promoting renewable energies in respect of this wonderful environment. The Namibian sun shines year round and is a wealth of energy. 

The choice of materials in the creation of Suricate Town Lodge was inspired by natural elements. These include stones & local woods. The Kalahari sand covers the walls and thatched roofs of the entrance to the reception, patio and bar. 

The exterior has also honoured these elements. Scenes of wildlife are represented on the frescoes. Water holes attract many species of birds, mongoose and other animals to drink at the lodge. 

The Suricate Town Lodge is determinedly moving towards the search for harmony between the reality of the modern comforts and the natural energy needed for those.